As a warm-blooded vertebrate, birds are more closely related to reptiles than mammals. They are characterized by hard-shelled eggs and modified forelimbs. Their sense of sight is highly developed, but their auditory range and sense of smell are limited. There are over 1,000 species of birds currently living on the planet, with hundreds more predicted to become extinct. In fact, there have been at least 1000 extinct species identified based on fossil remains.

This slot machine features a unique format, with no conventional paylines. Instead, winning combinations are gathered by matching three symbols. The symbols are arranged on a grid of street lamps and electrical wires, and each one represents a different bird. Each symbol has a different value, which means that the payouts are dependent on your total bet. However, in most cases, the winning combination of three or more birds will result in a winning combination.

Birds is an enjoyable and entertaining game for players of all skill levels. The slot has a great combination of 3D animations and cartoonish graphics. Whether you are new to slots or have played other slot games for years, Birds is a fun choice for beginners. And the high payouts – both during the free spins and the main game – are more than enough to keep you playing and coming back for more. The graphics in this game are also beautiful and will make you want to play for hours.