Guardian of athens

The Guardian of Athens slot is set in ancient Greece, where the goddess Athena is venerated. It is beautifully decorated with marble and togas, and has a quiet, classical vibe. The game is centered on the goddess Athena, the Goddess of War and Ares’ female counterpart. It features a number of bonus features that will help players win big prizes. Below are some of them. Read on for details.

The first bonus feature in the Guardian Of Athens slot game is the Fate Bonus feature, which can increase your winnings by 500 percent. The other feature is the Multiplier Wilds feature. The latter allows you to multiply your wins by a factor of x3 or more. It is important to remember that the free spins feature is only available during the base game. Once you’ve completed the free spins mode, you’ll be given an opportunity to claim your free spins.

The theme in the Guardian Of Athens slot is a popular one, which adds to its appeal. The graphics and animations are very well-done, and there is a very large maximum payout of 16,000x. The minimum bet is just 0.20 per spin, and the RTP is around 96%, making it a good option for those looking for a low-cost, high-quality video slot.

The Greek theme in the Guardian Of Athens slot is well-suited to this ancient-themed game. This game’s symbols are grouped according to their suit, which is a nice touch. As with all slots, the payouts depend on how much you bet per line. For example, 10-A symbols in a pointy font will pay out five times for threex symbols. For fivex symbols, however, you’ll receive a 40x multiplier.

The graphics are impressive in the Guardian of Athens slot. The graphics are incredibly detailed, but the gameplay is fairly straightforward. It involves spinning reels in order to gather gold and other items in the city. The symbols on the reels can be stacked in any combination. Moreover, the slot also comes with a bonus feature, which offers additional opportunities to win. The Fate Bonus feature can combine multiplier wilds to make winning combinations even better.

The game’s theme is Greek, and the symbols depict ancient Greek togas and marble sculptures. The reels are 5×3 and have 20 paylines. There are a total of five reels in this game, and the game is played with both left and right hands. It is possible to win a jackpot of 16,000x stake, and you’ll be able to win big. You can even earn big cash prizes if you use the Multiplier Wilds.

The game features a classic history-themed slot with a 5×3 grid. The bonus features include four free-spin combinations and multiplier wilds. It also has a decent RTP and a magnificent audio-visual segment. In addition to these bonuses, the game is also loaded with wild symbols that boost payouts. A few other bonuses, such as the Fate Bonus, can also be triggered randomly.